Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Will the Real Christ Please Stand Up

Organization that are not founded in the true character of the real Christ, but in the old ancient practices of the religious leaders holding a guide line or would it be a recipe for a eternal life. A list’s of dos and don’t, a magical ceremony, becoming a part of a special group. They have a wonderful elaborate look on the outside but on the inside are very manipulating, crucial, exclusive, controlling, mind numbing and dead to the truth. They will suck the life right out of you by demanding your 100% obedience, all of your time and any finical gains they can extract out of you. Always with a promise of God’s blessing and eternal security, but as a carrot before mule or a rat on a tread mill, it is always elusive. With the passing of time you are wore out, weary, and have gone know where, matter fact you are worse off now then you were when you stated, Emotion , mentally, and finical. But some like a gambler and is obsessed with pot of gold just around the next spin of the handle, so these poor tried souls go, listen to the piped piper of the man made organization, Glorifying themselves, gaining authority over you, you unwittingly begin to worship the man whirling the power in steed of the true gentle Savoir, Jesus Christ who give you a gift of salivation, but the deceiver as switched and bated you with a false Christ the world Christ of WORKS for salivation

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  1. I thought the scriptures said that we will live in the world, but not among the world. I liked this post. Amen.