Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There Be Dragon in the Land

(spiritual abuse)
Ancient legend tells of many devastation's and horrors that have dogged the steps of man. In the mystic archives of ancient minds echoing form the past the hair raising tales of snarling teeth, scaly skin, flapping wings and oval-shaped, neon-yellow, glowing eyes of a mystical beasts called “dragon”. Their dominating presence filled the sky with (a smell of fire) and brimstone, permeating the air like smog smothering today’s inner cities. Fear’s odious smell must have exuded from the heart’s blood of any who felt the behemoth’s breath, striking death blows to any who would appose them. With these beast came a spell of hypnotic enchantment mesmerizing the mighty with the weak, the rich with the poor and the simple with the high intelligent. These beast’s were masters of trickery and manipulation and with their lust for power and dominion, they would presented an allusions of god likeness and with their deceptive power deceived people in to believing that their eternal destiny would be forfeited if their would not sever and hearken to their ways. In this atmosphere mingled with great fear and wonder of their trickery was birthed a religion of “Dragon Worship” with their incredible strength’s, super natural abilities and with power of their fire. the one’s that were enchanted by their spells would fight anyone to the death if they would resist the dragon’s or speck a defiling words against them. If one was sited for coming against them they were taking on God him self and instant judgment would fall on them. Multimillion became follows of the dragons and dedicated follower with out questions, blinding following these deity imposters ever whim and fancy, Only those that sought desperately for truth and were not sucked in to there scheming seductive ways, these were the non-conformists, the truth-seekers, the mavericks, and the renegades. These individuals were vanquished form the land or offered up to the dragon’s to appease their blood lust. Insurrection was a handled by public debasing along with public assassination as examples to any who would try to follow their heretical follies.

Let it be known that heroism is not the absent of fear, but what one does in the present of fear, in the setting of this atmosphere, many wise and noble people of understanding of the true nature of the that wicked beast at hand, mangled in overwhelming fear conspired in secret one with another on how to rid themselves and loosens the grip of such evil that held the land and its inhabitants in a tyranny of terror and great deception. Afraid for those they loved, many a courageous defender climbed with sword and shield in hand to the towering, lofty dragon lair…most to their doom; pitiful few to a transitory victory.

These stories of old remain relevant and let it be known today, there are dragons in our modern world! I, myself have by a hair's breadth escaped the clutches of just such a brutal beast. What's more, I have come to warn you of what should be the disturbing reality of that insidious existence in our society today. They may not come to you with snarling teeth, scaly skin, flapping wings, and oval-shaped, neon-yellow, glowing eyes; no they are camouflaged, most likely wearing a suit and tie, bearing a prize-winning smile as they hold a microphone in one hand and a Bible in the other. They are modern-day unholy terrors and I have lived under the autocracy of their mind twisting mental strongholds and truly, the sadness of my story is this: there are untold millions in their talented talons of fear today and even more that have been consumed to ashes of hopeless by their hot fire and brimstone of condemnation.Who are these brutal fire breathing dragons of which I speak? They are the false teachers of the word of God and they have hypnotized massive sums of people with their seductive dance of man-made righteousness. Furthermore, they ambitiously beguile desperate people into believing they are direct conduits for the voice of God as a means to ensnare them within the tight web of their own dogma, alienating us form our God given biblical message of salvation. These God-seekers become merchandise/chattel, enslaved in servitude to these so-called shepherds for Christ, rather than to the Christ they journey to contemplate and commit. These allegorical dragons then place themselves up on pedestals to be worship in the place of God. It seems apparent that they are, unveiled, offspring of the great dragons of revelation. They have joined themselves with that fallen angel, Lucifer, the father of lies and master of deceptions. As Lucifer did in the beginning, exalting himself about the congregation of God, so do these modern day dragons lift themselves up in the congregation to high and lofty places always twisting the word of God guiding their victims to feel as though questioning them would be analogous to insurrection against God, Himself. In so doing, they place themselves above accountability.

I strongly assert, now is the time to sharpen our weapons to make war against this enemy of our soul. May God be with us, and may our victory be sure. We must be free of the this spiritual darkness that has haunted our every step, depleted us of God’s truth, robbing us of joy and stripping us of our peace of mind, devouring our resources of time to serve the one true living God. Let us don properly these weapons that God has endowed us with, to win this war and face our enemy with a nuclear-type explosion of biblical truth of the actual grace and salvation that Jesus paid for and presented to us as a gift on Calvary.

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